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Established in 2004, Xiamen Green is a professional supplier for flower add-value items from China. The mission of our company is to develop and supply new decoration items according to current trend which can boost the appealing of our customers flowers and plants, meet the seasonal decoration demand and makes our customers a higher sales-promoting.

Our products focus on interior home decoration items matching with flowers and plants. Exploiting and Innovating is the keyword of our company. Every season we collect and study market trends information, apply culture and emotion into the products and develop good range assortment which comply with the market trends. Our products create the joy, the love, tell the history and fill the culture atmosphere to home.

Together we create higher value!
With a group of senior designers in the home decoration industry, we keep ahead of the up to date design for every item we developed. By arranging production in different area where the most industry advantage area are and combining them together at the nearest delivery port area, we ensure us to offer the most efficient price. Keeping an eye open in checking market price level in our every offer, we guarantee our customers to get the best price-quality balance offer.

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Every season, we offer you a big range of the possible trend items to combine with your flowers and plants by images and samples. After your decision of which combination being good, the goods will be ready at your place in a couple of weeks. We take care of everything between your selection and the receipt of the goods.
As most of the products are hand-made items, quality control is an important job in our service. We have developed a good solution by install direct control QC in the producing facility. Now we are able to report everyday production progress and quality status, arranging filter defected items and making sure the production schedule is within the schedule.
Lead time is decided by many factors. Different material, different period of the year – low production season or peak production sea, different producing facility can change lead time. With many years operation, we have develop a reliable system to monitor and control the lead time precise as promised.
With a good agreement with shipping company, we can arrange the logistic to your warehouse at the most efficient rate. Combining the order produced in different area in China at the delivery port, we offer a good solution to reduce the logistic cost to the minimum. Also we can re-pack the goods with cheap labor cost in our warehouse, palletize the orders and fill the container and then ship out from the most convenient port in China.
Focus on the efficient package and nice display purpose, we offer a good solution of the packaging that can transport to your place with just single drop of the flowers and plants, and then to a selling rack with a ready made display tray by a trolley.


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